Forgotten Experiment (2023)

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A group of heroes assembled by the eccentric billionaire goes into closed Perimeter full of abnormal activity which is inexplicable in terms of science. This journey will change all members of the group and reverse their notion of reality.

Filename: Forgotten Experiment (2023) [].mkv
Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Mystery & thriller
Original Language: Russian
Director: Aleksandr Boguslavskiy, Aleksandr Boguslavsky
Producer: Evgeniy Melentev, Viktor Denisyuk, Vladimir Denisyuk, Aleksandr Denisiuk, Alexander Kurinskiy, Nikolay Tabashnikov
Writer: Aleksandr Boguslavskiy, Sergey Kaluzhanov
Release Date (DVD): Oct 10, 2023
Runtime: 1h 45m
Production Co: KD Studios

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