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Hotel Labamba (2023) – Nollywood Movie

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Hotel Labamba is an opportunity to showcase the behind-the-scenes that goes on in the society on a daily basis, uncovering murder, the justice system, and much more. This project was exciting, and I’m sure the viewers will love the storytelling and have a good laugh while at it,” she added. The movie follows the murder of a popular Instagram influencer in Hotel Lambaba, hidden in plain sight and known by only those who want exclusivity or something to hide. The manager is on the neck of the detectives to solve things fast or keep everything hush. But will the killer be caught, and can the death of this popular influencer be kept under wraps? In Hotel Lambaba, everyone is a suspect!


Filename: –  Hotel Labamba (2023) [].mkv
Filesize: – 233.98 MB
Duration: 01:42:44
Title: Hotel Labamba
Year: 2023
Type: Movie
Country: United States
Language: English
Director: Biodun Stephen
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Stars: Femi Adebayo, Abdularhamon Adedimeji, Lateef Adedimeji



Hotel Labamba (2023) - Nollywood Movie 2

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