Average Download Speeds by Region

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Here is a summary of the evolution of average download speeds by region over time:


  • North America sees average speeds around 25 Mbps thanks to DOCSIS 3.0 cable broadband widely deployed. Fiber optics also continuing to spread.
  • Europe averaging 15-20 Mbps as FTTC and DOCSIS 3.0 deployments increase.
  • Asia Pacific region highly varied – South Korea and Japan over 30 Mbps, Australia around 10 Mbps, developing countries as low as 1 Mbps.
  • Africa and Middle East lagging under 2 Mbps outside of a few exceptions like South Africa.


  • Fiber to the home deployments in North America push averages over 100 Mbps. 5G rollout brings some boost to mobile speeds.
  • Europe sees FTTH spread driving averages over 50 Mbps. DOCSIS 3.1 and deployments also help increase speeds.
  • Asia Pacific sees rapid fiber buildout, especially China. South Korea and Japan over 100 Mbps. Australia over 50 Mbps. Southeast Asia sees major improvements.
  • Africa and Middle East see gradual increases, now averaging 5-10 Mbps in many countries. Mobile broadband helping improve rural areas.


  • Gigabit fiber connections increasingly common in North America and Europe. 5G further enhancing mobile speeds.
  • China and other parts of Asia with widespread gigabit fiber. Australia and New Zealand also see gigabit fiber rollouts.
  • Africa and Middle East catch up further with average speeds now 15-25 Mbps. Mobile broadband adoption improves rural access.

So in summary, speeds steadily increasing globally each decade, with fastest growth in Asia. Developed countries well ahead, but developing countries modernizing and narrowing gap.

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Here is a mind map that visualizes the evolution of average download speeds by region over time:

This mind map captures the progression of internet speeds from the 2010s to the 2030s, highlighting regional disparities and technological advancements that have contributed to the increase in average download speeds globally.

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