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You make some excellent points about the implications of Warner’s new In2Movies online movie service. Here are a few key themes and industry impacts I see:

Trend Themes

  • Shift to Digital Distribution – The entertainment industry is rapidly shifting towards digital distribution models to match changing consumer viewing habits and technology.
  • Preemptive Legal Alternatives – Major studios are trying to preempt piracy by launching legal streaming and download platforms, following the music industry’s mistakes.
  • Online Accessibility – Consumers increasingly expect on-demand access to movies/TV through online and mobile platforms.

Industry Implications

  • Movie Theaters – Declining theater attendance could accelerate as convenient in-home options grow, forcing innovation in theater experiences.
  • DVD Sales/Rental – Large declines expected in DVD sales and rentals as digital platforms take share. Some resurgence in niche physical media possible.
  • Broadcasting/Cable – Traditional TV and cable networks will face mounting pressure from streaming competitors able to leverage data and reach consumers directly.

Overall, this shows the strategic imperative for incumbent entertainment firms to embrace digital distribution proactively, while seeking to differentiate the theater and live experience. Piracy concerns will also push stronger DRM and technology innovation.

Here is a mind map that outlines the key themes and industry impacts of Warner’s new In2Movies online movie service:

Movie Download Trends 1
Movie Download Trends 2

The mind map captures the shift to digital distribution, the emergence of preemptive legal alternatives, and the growing expectation of online accessibility among consumers. It also highlights the implications for movie theaters, DVD sales and rentals, and broadcasting/cable industries, emphasizing the strategic need for incumbents in the entertainment sector to adapt to digital distribution while innovating in DRM and technology.

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